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New Q & C collection hits stands

Queen & Country Definitive Edition Vol. 4

Queen & Country Definitive Edition Vol. 4

Because we didn’t think that Walking Dead coming out on Tuesday was enough, you can read more of Greg’s work in Queen & Country Definitive Edition Vol. 4, out from Oni Press this Wednesday!

This edition collects the “Declassified” mini-series. Oni describes it thus:

The fourth Queen & Country Definitive Edition collects all three Declassified volumes under one cover! Get the background on Paul Crocker, Tom Wallace, and Nicky Poole as they sharpen their teeth as young agents of espionage! Includes TPB extras and interviews with many of the contributors to the Eisner-Award-winning series!

Novel, meet World; World, meet Novel

Walking Dead goes on sale today in North America. It starts in the Republic of Georgia and ends in British Columbia. It moves from Turkey to Dubai to Amsterdam to Las Vegas. Alena Cizkova and Bridgett Logan are major players. Lots of guns get pointed at lots of different people, and more than a few of the latter end up very unhappy.

It’s not an easy sensation to describe, actually, putting a novel out into the world. The parenting metaphor has been abused to death, and with good reason — there is very much a sense of letting go of something very precious, releasing it into the Big Wide World with all of its wonder and gnashing teeth, and hoping that it will survive, and, perhaps, even thrive.

I’ve been pondering why I write a lot lately, and I tend to come back to the same default: I write because I tell stories, and writing is the medium by which I can most readily accomplish that goal. Or, to rephrase, I am a storyteller, and thus I write.

Which is half an answer, certainly honest enough, but not complete. The fact is, I write because I have to, I don’t know how to not. Either you suffer from the compulsion or you don’t, but it is a compulsion, an addiction, as terrible and terrifying as nicotine or caffeine or any other substance that can get the blood racing and the adrenaline flowing. There is a thrill to writing. I’m something of a junkie.

Walking Dead was a very difficult novel to tell, but not a difficult novel to write, if that distinction means anything. The subject matter, as I found myself researching it, was horrifying at the outset, and only became more so. There’s nothing pretty to be found in the reality of slavery, and while I am always aware that I write fiction, it matters to me that my fictions retain some sense of groundedness in the Real World (patent pending).

A bookseller I know recently opined that I’d written this novel not so much because of the characters but because of that subject matter. He was mistaken. I always have, and always will, write character stories, because, to me, that’s the only story that matters. But the character is a window to the world, and the view out that window, in my opinion, must be on something worth viewing, no matter how sordid, awful, and painful that may be. If I raise the level of awareness, no matter how slightly, so much the better, but my goal is always, first and foremost, to entertain in the telling. I leave it to my betters to relate the facts; I am content to wrestle with Art in an attempt to tell a truth.

For fans of the series, Walking Dead marks the end of a journey that began in Critical Space, which, according to my website, I apparently wrote back in 2001. That’s a long trip to take, but, in retrospect, it makes sense. For Atticus, this is the novel of his reckoning, the story in which he is forced to reconcile the man he has become with the man he once was. His success in this endeavor I will leave to the reader to decide, but I am content with the way his journey has ended.

At least for the time being.

Once again, I urge people to take a look at the Appearances page at my website if you’re interested in attending a signing and hearing me speak. And, as stated before in the blog, if you’re after a signed and/or personalized copy of the novel and cannot attend any of the signings, you should certainly consider contacting one of the booksellers listed to request a copy.

Bang Bang Bang

Walking Dead hits bookstores this coming Tuesday, the 28th. It is, at least for the foreseeable future, the last Kodiak novel. The reviews, thus far, have been glowing, but by far the best props I’ve gotten were from Lee Child, who offered the following blurb upon reading an advance copy:

“One of the best entries in one of the best series by one of our best writers. Did I just say best three times? Better believe it. Rucka is one damn fine writer.”

Considering the source, I have to say, hell yeah, very proud of that indeed.

The Very Abbreviated Tour begins in May, confined, I am afraid, to the PNW (Portland, Beaverton, and Seattle), with stops in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Phoenix. You can find a list of the stores I’ll be visiting, along with the dates and times at my website. You can also find contact information for each of the locations.

If you’d like a signed or personalized copy of the new novel, and can’t make one of the signings (because, say, you live in Chicago), I’d urge you to contact any of the booksellers listed and order a copy either through their website or over the phone. Just let them know how you’d like the book made out, and please – I beg you! – make certain they have the proper spelling of your name! Nothing’s worse than making a book out to “John” only to find out he spells it “Jon.”

Seriously, nice way to waste a pretty hardcover.

Last note-slash-request for those of you planning on picking up the title: the first week of release is, these days, very much a make-or-break time for a book. If you are planning on buying a copy – and I sincerely hope you are! – placing your order before May 5th would be tremendously helpful in supporting my work.


Walking Dead tour dates announced

Walking Dead

Walking Dead

We’ve just posted details of Greg’s reading/signing tour for Walking Dead.

  • Wednesday, May 6 – PORTLAND, OR
  • Thursday, May 7 – BEAVERTON, OR
  • Saturday, May 9 – SEATTLE, WA
  • Monday, May 11 – SAN MATEO, CA
  • Tuesday, May 12 – SCOTTSDALE, AZ
  • Thursday, June 16 – LAKE FOREST PARK, WA

If you’re interested in getting a signed and/or personalized copy of Walking Dead and won’t be able to make it to any of the signings, please contact any of the bookstores in question and order a copy by phone! If there’s a specific inscription you’d like, make sure you inform the retailer!

Learn more about Walking Dead, the latest Atticus Kodiak novel.

Setec Astronomy

You remember that Batwoman design sheet I posted glimpses of way back when?

Well, the whole thing is up over at The Source.

And it’s a nice, big graphic, too, so you can pour over every detail.

Oh! And there’s the psychedelic cover to Detective Comics 855 up there, too!


Greg talks Action, DC previews Cully Hamner Question art

The Question, art by Cully Hamner

The Question, art by Cully Hamner

ITEM! Greg discusses Action Comics with Matt Brady @ Newsarama, including a little about issue #876 which just came out on Wednesday!

ITEM! The DC Universe blog, The Source, has debuted pages from the upcoming Question co-feature in Detective Comics with art by Cully Hamner!

So, Here’s a Question…

More from The Source.

Check out some Cully Hamner pages!

Greg answers the questions and The Question’s the answer

Newsarama’s Matt Brady has a new interview up with Greg on the subject of the Question co-feature in Detective Comics. Here’s a little taste:

Newsarama: Greg, Dan [DiDio]’s talked about the co-features and how they came to pass, but how did The Question co-feature come up for you? Was it something that you suggested once you heard of DC’s plans for co-features in its titles, or does every DC editor have a pitch for The Question from you, so when a slot opened up, it was the first choice?

Greg Rucka: (laughs) Actually, Michael Siglain and I had been talking for a while about what to do next, including stories that we wanted to tell with Renee, and in particular, coming out of what Eddie Berganza, Philip Tan and I did in Final Crisis: Revelations. We had different ideas that we were bouncing around, and Mike came back and suggested doing The Question as a co-feature in Detective, and I told him that I thought that would be a great fit. It’s good on a number of levels. He and I had been working up a series idea for about a year and had talked to a few people about it, and it was down to just a question of placing it, and when the opportunity came to put it in Detective, it was just a natural fit. It was a quite organic and natural thing – no one had to fight for it or anything like that.

Action 876 Previewed

Again, from the brand-spankin’-new blog, The Source, courtesy of Alex Segura and DC Comics. Preview pages from Action Comics 876. Pages are out of order, but they’re still very pretty!

New Action Comics #876 pages previewed @ DCU blog, The Source

Cover by Andrew Robinson

Cover by Andrew Robinson

The DC Universe blog, The Source, has preview pages up for Action Comics #876 by Greg and Eddy Barrows, due out this Wednesday!