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Archive for March, 2009

On the Eve of the Deluge

The Action Comics run begins tomorrow. I have to admit I’m a little nervous about this, simply because there’s been such a build-up about who Flamebird and Nightwing are, and since I know who they are already, and since I wasn’t going to play that mystery card to begin with, it’s a non-issue for me. But that doesn’t mean it’s a non-issue for other people, and I’m trying to remember to respect that.

Flamebird and Nightwing’s “real” identities notwithstanding, Eddy’s art is, I think, wonderful — dynamic and energetic, and I believe it’s pretty much worth the price of admission.

Had a great talk with Robinson this afternoon. Plotting and planning. The man shoots out ideas like a firehose. It’s sometimes difficult to keep up.

Got most of the USMA questions answered courtesy of 1LT Daniel Choi (USMA ’03) (warning, it’s a Facebook link, so no telling what you may have to agree to just to view it). It’s difficult to articulate the respect I have for him, for his service, for what he’s done and what he’s accomplished. There is a class of soldier that, each and every time I speak with them, be they a him or a her, leaves me both awed at what they’ve committed to, what they’ve sacrificed, and ashamed at what I haven’t given, what little I’ve done. We all serve in our own ways, but it’s hard to put writing novels or comic books on the same level as Wearing the Uniform. These men and women have my respect.

If you have the inclination, and can spare a couple of bucks, consider joining, and giving a donation to, the SLDN.

Geek Girl Con


August 11th and 12th at the Seattle Center
8th Avenue and Pike, Seattle, WA

Geek Girl Con: Dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the contribution of women in all aspects of geek culture.


West Point

This post serves two purposes.

The first is to recommend David Lipsky’s book Absolutely American to those of you who, y’know, read. It’s a splendid book, wonderfully written, wonderfully informative, and wonderfully considered. I recommend it heartily.

The second is to ask for help, and yes, it’s related. I’m looking to talk to anyone out there who might have graduated West Point in the last few years. This is story research, essentially deep background, but I’ve got some questions, and the only way I’m going to get them answered, I think, is from someone who’s lived the life.

Any help would be appreciated.