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Archive for February, 2009

Fatigue and Hype (Not in that Order)

I finally, after several near-misses, got to meet with, and talk to, Blair Butler from G4′s Fresh Ink at the New York Comic Con back near the beginning of the month. This was a big deal for me, because I genuinely like what she does, and the way she does it (and it doesn’t hurt that she’s been very generous to my work on more than one occasion).

We ended up doing an interview at the DC Booth, in front of God and Fandom, and she rather generously let me go on…and on…and on…and on, and not once did she tell me to shut up.

This is me going on…and on…and on….

NYCC: G4′s Blair Butler interviews Greg

Leave follow-up comments on G4′s website!

Action Comics 875


The cover of Action Comics #875, by Andrew Robinson!

NYCC: Video interviews with Greg now available @ Newsarama

John Siuntres of WordBalloon fame interviewed Greg at NYCC, and Newsarama has put those video interviews on their site: Greg Rucka @ NYCC 2009 Part 1, which discusses Detective Comics, and Greg Rucka @ NYCC 2009 Part 2, which covers Superman: New Krypton, Queen & Country, and Walking Dead.

Hey, Here’s a Crazy Thought…

I’m fighting a cold this morning, and we’re off to California to visit family in about five hours, so I shouldn’t be devoting the time to this, because, frankly, it’s not surprising that the mainstream media can’t be bothered to do more than a quick Google image search and then raid Jeff Renaud’s interview with me about Batwoman before posting their own – and I use the word advisedly – “stories” about the character.

Here’s a crazy thought – how about doing actual, I dunno, fact-checking before spouting off about things you know nothing about? Too much effort? Yeah, I know, I’m busy, too.

But one thing keeps coming up again and again, pointed out most recently to me over at the blog, in particular, this quote: “Now, show me a butch lesbian superhero who fights crime in practical shoes and I’d get excited.”

Never mind the lazy and self-serving indictment of every comic book fan in the world with comments like “That sound you hear? Around the world little boys’ heads are exploding.”

I presume the author means comic book fans like this one.

Couple points.

Point 1: Renee Montoya.

Point 2: Look at the damn preview pages that were released. If those are stiletto heels then I’m Art Carney.

These people keep using the almost 3-year old one-shot design, and guess what? That’s not the costume.

This is the costume, just a close-up of the relevant portion, but trust me, JH3 and I addressed this particular point immediately.

Take a look.

Well Done, the BBC

I grew up on British comedies courtesy of PBS. And British scifi. And British mystery. And British drama.

I spent a lot of time with PBS.

Thus I derive a perverse satisfaction from being (mis)quoted by the BBC.

Edited to add:

And here’s a larger story from the Independent.

I’m wondering who said the “socialite by night crime-fighter by later in the night” bit, because I have no memory of those words passing my lips. At all.


Greg talks Batwoman @ CBR

Following the announcement of Batwoman in Detective Comics at NYCC this weekend, Greg sat down with Jeffrey Renaud at Comic Book Resources to give readers a taste of things to come. Here’s an excerpt:

What can you tell us about the new Batwoman that can serve as a primer for readers picking up “Detective Comics” #854?

People have only seen her in “52” and “Crime Bible.” In “Final Crisis: Revelations,” she’s corrupted by the Anti-Life. But nobody has really seen her. They don’t really know who this person is. That’s what this first [arc] is here to do. You are going to figure out who she is. You are going to figure out what she does, why she does it and who she has to help her. I obviously get into what makes her different than Batman. They share a lot, more than including a bat. But they have different techniques and different approaches.

It is written so you can pick up “Detective Comics” #854 and you don’t have to know anything. And frankly, that’s the way I think it should be.

Detective Comics #854

Those attending the New York Comic Con discovered a five-page preview of Detective Comics 854 at the back of their program guides. Others may have already discovered the same preview posted to Newsarama (it’s the second preview, following the Flash: Rebirth preview in the flash viewer.

Which means finally – finally! – I can openly admit that yes, JH Williams III and I have been working on a Batwoman title for nearly two years.

And that is both a pleasure and a relief, if I may say so, because I’ve been wanting to share this for so long it’s not funny. And as much as it’s been hard for me to keep my tongue still on the subject, I think it’s been infinitely harder for JH, all the more so because I believe, sincerely, that this is some of the best work I’ve ever done, and it’s certainly the finest work I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing from him.

Reposting the Newsarama preview here seems a little…redundant, but, that said, I’m going to do it anyway, but with a twist. Unlike Newsarama, I don’t have a lettered copy to share — only the colored pages.

But I do have the original script pages.

So, below the cut, you will find the first five pages, in order, with the corresponding script page after them. If you make with the clicky on the art, you get the big, pretty versions, where you can ooh and ahh over Dave Stewart’s amazing color work, as well as JH’s art.

I hope you enjoy them.

NYCC: Greg gives the low-down on Superman, New Krypton

Greg joined James Robinson, Geoff Johns, Jamal Igle, Sterling Gates, Eddy Barrows and Matt Idelson to talk about the coming year for Superman at New York Comic Con today:

From Comic Book Resources:

Rucka said the Superman team had spent the better part of the week breaking down the story for the twelve-issue book. “This is going to be a fantastic year. I am so excited about this book. I would love to tell you guys what we have planned. We are taking Superman on an extraordinary character journey. To a place and in a way that has been a long time coming. There’s a lot of legacy in going to a place called New Krytpon, ironic as that may seem. James and I are really, really happy.”

From Newsarama:

Continuing to talk about what will be happening in the Superman books without Superman, Rucka said that Lois will be appearing in a crucial role in Action, while Robinson’s handling of Jimmy in Superman will be very important as well. Reminded by Johns, Robinson added that threads that he began back with the Atlas story, and going back to the General Zod story will start to come together.

Speaking to the large-scale nature of the Superman story, Rucka said, “I was made aware of the Superman story over two years ago, and this is the midway point.” Robinson added that he and Johns agree that Rucka has created as book that neither of them could write in Action.

NYCC: Batwoman preview

Art by JH Williams III

Art by JH Williams III

Newsarama has uploaded a preview of Greg and JH Williams III’s work on Batwoman in Detective Comics #845, as seen in the New York Comic Con program.