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Archive for August, 2008

Moscow Rules

Deny everything.

Gotta love the quote at the end of the piece. Meanwhile, Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Monday criticized the United States for airlifting some 2,000 Georgian troops from Iraq after they were recalled home. Putin said that the U.S. move will hamper efforts to resolve the conflict.

This would be Prime Minister For Life We-Can-And-Will-Kill-You-No-Matter-Where-You-Are Putin. Time’s Person of the Year.

I admit, my interest in Georgia stems entirely from my research for the Kodiak novels. But I can’t look at this situation and not see a calculated, terrifying, and very dangerous escalation on the part of Russia to create a conflict, and, once achieved, to brutally execute an end-game a long, long time in the making.

They bombed Poti. And the only reason they didn’t bomb Batumi is that it’s right on the border with Turkey.

I dunno. I should probably just keep my trap shut on the subject, but I’m finding this conflict exceptionally distressing.

The Rains Have Come Again

There’s a preview of Final Crisis: Revelations over at Newsarama (or “The ‘Rama, as the kids say). First six pages of issue 1 for your amusement-slash-enjoyment-slash-indignation, choose as you will. The issue hits the stands on Wednesday, so my multi-month drought on released work is finally coming to an end.

In anticipation, here’s a page from #3.

Fascinating (and frankly disturbing)

Mattathias Schwartz has an article in this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine that you can read online here.

Still digesting the piece, but I thought I’d share it.