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Archive for March, 2008


steverolston already put this up on his blog, but in the interests of vanity, ego, and self-promotion, I’m embedding it here, as well. I’d been told that Blair Butler was a fan of Queen & Country before, but it’s damn nice to see her saying as much for all the interwebs to see.

She mentions the first volume of the “Definitive” editions as the last piece of the segment. Kinda makes me want to sit down and start writing series 2. But I can’t do that, because I have, like, a half-dozen other projects to clear out or start first, not the least of which is this DAMN NOVEL.

Anyone out there who can link human trafficking in East Africa to the UAE, drop me a line, okay? (And let’s face it, it’s not very often you hear a request like that get made…at least, not in public.)

Is it the water or what?

Okay, this is just getting silly.

Jen suggested calling this entry, “Tribe Dies When Virgin Cannot Be Found To Satisfy Angry Volcano God.” Which I like, but is a little long-winded.

You Talk The Talk, Zeschuk…

…can you walk the walk?

Clawing Back to the Land of the Living

The long silence here has been due to unforeseen nightmare circumstances on the homefront.

This week is going to be different. This week will see writing done, and life return to normal, or at least will see life return to whatever passes for normal around these parts, and writing will get done. But with the exception of the OCC Grand Opening (and hey, mercuryeric, you might want to see about updating the website), it’s been pretty unrelentingly fuckawful around here. The mere fact that anything was written surprises me, frankly.

It may be going around, actually. I’ve a number of friends and acquaintances who seem to be in Dark Days right now, and they know who they are. Maybe it’s something in the air.

I’ve begun researching a new project, and in so doing, have been burning my way through David McCullough‘s books, specifically 1776 – which I finished some two-weeks back and then promptly went out and bought the illustrated edition, which is deliciously chock full of extra goodness – and John Adams. The Adams biography is a stunning work, in my opinion, not the least for the attention McCullough pays to Abigail. In my darker fugues, I have to confess that reading the book puts me in mind of the Tom Lehrer quote about Mozart, or, alternately, the the line from Hannah and her Sisters about how Jesus would react if he came back today, with appropriate substitution of “the Founding Fathers” for Jesus.

It’s a nice coincidence that HBO’s going to start running this in another week or so. The trailer gives me chills.