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Archive for December, 2007

Is it Cold In Here, Or Is It Just Me?

I think…

…I think I’ve cracked it…


…after months literally struggling with a structural problem in a Story That Shall Remain Nameless, I think I’ve finally cracked it.

The relief I feel is tangible.

To celebrate, I share the following, which those of you who care have probably already seen, but if you haven’t, well, here you go. Warner Brothers has apparently begun releasing still images from Whiteout. I reproduce two here for your amusement. One of them I was actually on set for.

First, the delectable Ms. Beckinsale, who manages to remain delectable while wearing ECW. this may explain why she earns seven figures a film.

This looks to have been taken on the set for ASB.

Second shot, from the Russian Cargo Plane interior, with Kate, Gabriel Macht, and Columbus Short.

This one I was on-set for. Or more precisely, I was upstairs in the production offices while they were shooting this sequence. Of all the sets Steve and I visited while in Montreal, it was this set that probably blew us away the most. The details were mind-boggling. The whole set was about fifteen feet off the deck of the sound stage, and canted at an insanely bizarre angle, to simulate the plane first having crashed, and then having sunk beneath the ice. The angle of the interior was such that you had to be extremely careful of your footing — a lot of the ice effects for the interior were created using a gelatin-like substance, and between that, gravity, and the attention to detail, you quite literally ended up slipping and sliding around the interior.

Rumors online seem to put the release of the film in fall of ’08 now. I can neither confirm nor deny this; I simply don’t know. Makes sense to me if it is true, though. At least Whiteout won’t get eaten alive by this.

Auction update. At last glance, the mysterious Montoya journal was going for $157.50! That is, to me, extremely cool. Hopefully it’ll pull down a nice donation for the Hero Initiative.

We now return to your regularly schedule blogs.

A HEROic Endeavor

It seems Eric Newsom, webmaster of all things Question found himself the recipient of not one, but two of the mysteriously appearing Montoya Journals. And being a wise, kind-hearted, and socially responsible kind of guy, he’s auctioning one of them on eBay. All profits are to go to The Hero Initiative.

Which is a damn good cause, as far as causes in general go, and comics-related causes in particular.

As of this writing, the bid is at $26.00. Six days to go.

As to less heroic endeavors, things here have settled since last week’s kerfuffle. I’m marshaling energy to re-enter the writing fray; the goal is to finish one script by Wednesday, and a second by Friday. I may be being a tad unrealistic, but if you don’t have your dreams, what else have you got, right?

More as it comes.

Teacups Overflowing With Tempest

I have to remember that people actually read this thing. Not seeing you folks, it’s easy to forget that there’s a whole lot of eyes that find these words that I never know about.

Let the record show the following, then:

I am not suffering from health-related issues; I am not leaving comics forever; I am not launching a bloody and prolonged vendetta against those who done me wrong (at least, not yet).

I’m just not exclusive to DC any longer, and my reasons for the decision are many, varied, and in some cases, quite complicated. And in other cases, very, very simple. Are there things that could have transpired to have changed my decision? Absolutely. But — remembering all of your eyes on this — these are things that I don’t feel should, or need to, be aired in a public forum. That is, to me, unprofessional, and despite my many failings at aspiring to be such, I’m still going to make that effort.

It is now the end of 2007. I have been exclusive to DC since, roughly, my daughter was born, in the summer of 2003. That’s four and a half years carrying water for one company alone, to the exclusion of many other projects and opportunities.

There are things I want to do, and I want to be proud of them when they hit the stands. Where I do that work, what that work will be, remains to be seen. But at the end of the day, that’s all that this is about — I want to be in a position to do the work I am passionate about, and to do it well, in the manner I wish to do it.

I want to thank everyone who offered such generous comments; I was sincerely surprised by the amount of attention the announcement brought. The support and kindness is truly appreciated.

Now get back to work. That’s what I’m gonna do.

Well, after I take this quiz:

Which Chow Yun Fat Are You?

Writing-Related Tom-Foolery

Several months back, or so it seems, I did an interview with Andrew Farago (andrewfarago) for The Comics Journal. Like all Journal interviews, it was (or at least it felt) pretty exhaustive, and Andrew was great to talk to, and all-in-all, I think it came out well, and I even managed to avoid saying anything I was sure I’d regret later. I can’t speak for Steve Lieber, who was also interviewed by Andrew for the same issue, but I can guarantee that Steve had more interesting and insightful things to say than I did.

Excerpts of both interviews have been posted, and they’ll be available in their entirety in The Comics Journal #287, which, I am told by Mister Farago himself, most likely hits shelves…uh, today, actually.

The timing on this is interesting. I’ve been in a slump for the last six-to-eight weeks or so, dealing with a variety of issues related to writing in general, and my writing in particular. Continued frustrations in dealing with people who really ought to know how to do their jobs properly, for instance, and the lethargy that seems to always set in just in time to really complicate the already exceptionally complicated rush into the holidays. I don’t know if it’s just SAD from living in the PNW during weather like this (and for a wonderful write-up on just how, uh…wet it’s been for some folks, take a look at mercuryeric‘s journal) or something else, but, like clockwork, my mood and my productivity both go to Hell in a handbasket around my birthday.

I was in LA on personal business the last two days, and I got to spend some time with my brother and his bride, and I got to see Andrew and Xtie, and that was good for the soul, especially opposite the contortions I’ve been going through the last several weeks. I feel better. I’ve made some decisions. One of them is that I’m not renewing my exclusive with DC. Others less deserving of announcement at the moment, but of no less import to myself and my family.

And last night was the beginning of the Festival of Lights, and for all the crap that swirls around the historical truth behind the holiday, it’s still wonderful to fill your home with candles and to light them eight nights in a row until there’s a riot of tiny, dancing flames reflecting in the windows. One solution to seasonal affective disorder, at least.