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Archive for August, 2007

The Revenge of Patriot Acts

Two quick things as I post from lovely Pacific City, Oregon, and vacation.

1) I’m being told by people that they cannot find the Patriot Acts in bookstores. This is most likely because the bookstore(s) in question haven’t bothered to order the book, and not because the book isn’t available. It’s available! Good lord, it’s so available, it’s practically EASY!

2) Much as I’m loathe to admit it, hype helps. If you’ve read the book and want to post a review at Amazon or wherever, please do so; it would mean a lot to me, frankly, and I’d like to see this novel get a fair shake. If you’d be willing to recommend the book to a friend, then by all means, feel free to recommend it to total internet strangers.



Patriot Acts goes on sale on Tuesday the 28th. Purchase it. Read it. Revel in the return of Atticus.

Me, I’m going on vacation.

Time to let Atticus do some of the work around here.

This is…I don’t know what this is, honestly….

This was sent to me via a friend. I’m sure those of you with the Web-Fu have encountered it already.

I’m thinking it has to be ironic. It has to be. Right?


The Curse of the Little ‘Uns

I’ve got a cold. The kind that establishes base camp in the upper thoracic cavity and then sends an expeditionary force to the sinuses to establish a beachhead and claim as much territory as possible.

Their mission, for the time being, has been an unqualified success.

Haven’t posted in forever, mostly because it’s been a bumpy couple weeks. Things of note on the writing front — Crime Bible #3 is almost finished. This is the issue that Matthew Clark, dear friend and talented Son of a Bitch is drawing. This issue is set in Gotham. This issue will have Batwoman in it. This issue will rawk.

The Trautmann was down for two days last week, and we pretty much figured out all things Checkmate through issue 25. Which, as that statement should tell you, means he and I pretty much co-writing 21 on. 21 and 22 — Mlle Marie. 23 – 25, Pawn 502 returns, and the much anticipated debut of the Rooks. The trick for introducing the Rooks has always been coming up with a reason for them to deployed.

Leave it to Trautmann to come up with a plot so vile and skin-crawlingly evil that the Rooks are a reasonable option.

I’ll be at PAX this coming weekend, shilling Logan’s Shadow for the fine folks at Sony. If you’re at the show and want to stop by and say hi, that’d be great.

More posting will occur when my head is not in danger of exploding with snot.


SDCC Aftermath 3

This’ll be brief, as I’m behind on deadlines (again!), and this week is already turning into a bear.

Covered Stumptown, covered Whiteout…and DC stuff is stuff that is Still To Be Announced, it seems, so that’ll have to wait (which was something of a disappointment, frankly, but there’s a logic behind the madness, and I do respect it — and no, I won’t elaborate, and I won’t explain).

Which leaves, in the category of “major happenings”, only this. The first of what I suspect will be many interviews about it can be found on IGN, for those who are interested.

This is actually the third video game I’ve had involvement in, after a fashion, but the first time I’ve been an actual contributor to the story, if not the gameplay. It was a fun, educational experience, and I’m hoping that — someday — there’ll be opportunity for more, preferably with an even greater level of involvement.

As far as it goes, Sony has been wonderful to work with and to work for — the folks I’ve dealt with have been prompt, professional, and kind, and let’s face it, that’s a rare combination in any field. I’ll be attending PAX at the end of this month in Seattle to promote the game, and I’m very much looking forward to it. If anyone reading this will be there, please stop by and say hello and pick up the demo for your PSP — I think you’ll dig it. The game is kinda like Q&C with many more bullets.

And now, back to work….


And on the road again. Expect sporadic posting through the weekend, with brief periods of blog.